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Climate Change Comic Project

empowering students to educate the public about climate change through comics

Climate change has been called the most important existential issue of our day. 

it is a perfect topic for cross-curricular project-based learning with an urgent, real-world connection.

Join educators across the country in creating comics in the classroom to empower students to:

  • engage with the issue of climate change through a real-world connections.
  • explore climate change through a local lens through research, interviewing local professionals, art and writing;
  • explain the causes, effects, and solutions to climate change to the public through nonfiction comics - sequential art and words to tell a story and offer information.
  • Elaborate on their understanding at local events and through a book signing.
  • Find hope in the future through connections with peers nationwide.

​Here's how to get involved 

NGSS Science STandards connection: