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​Writing Adventures in nature​

"But nature could be quiet, too. 

On lobos creek, it whispered and winked,

flickered and flew, shimmered and shone

​for ansel's eyes alone."

from antsy Ansel: Ansel Adams, a Life in nature, by Cindy jenson-Elliott

​Nature is a playground of the senses and the classroom of the soul.  No matter where we explore outdoors --in a remote wilderness,  a disturbed urban green belt, or in a school yard or school garden, nature experiences lead to careful observation, deep thinking and beautiful writing.

School Garden Professional Development

While California is home to over 4000 school gardens, many of these outdoor spaces are underused simply because teachers are unsure how to use them to enhance classroom learning. In this series of two 2-hour indoor-outdoor inservices, teachers learn strategies to use their own school garden to connect inside learning with outside experiences through Common Core-connected literacy, social studies and science lessons. 

Schoolyard and School Garden Writing Residencies

Many schools are not able to use school garden spaces due to a lack of staffing and lessons. School garden writing residencies can give schools a combination of weekly writing and garden instruction for students, as well as model strategies for teaching writing outdoors to participating teachers. (This is not a pull-out program, but a teacher-participation residency)

School Garden Author Visits

Author visits focused on reading and writing in the garden can provide students with an engaging focus to information, narrative and poetry writing projects.

Field Trips to Nearby Nature

Many schools are located within walking distance of a green space such as a canyon, beach or wetland. Walking field trips with a focus on nature writing can provide an engaging entry way into many aspects of the writing process, from 

After School Programs -- up to 15 students, requires additional staffing